Contraception and the law

Worried the doctor will tell your parents you're having sex? Well, don't be.

Under Australian law, a doctor can provide contraception under the age of 16, without parental agreement if they think you are mature enough. Even if they refuse (and many don't) they still have to keep your visit confidential and can't tell your parents.

If, however, you can't face seeing your doctor, try going to a clinic (see Help & Advice) or buying condoms.

You can get condoms from:

  • your local chemist
  • supermarket
  • petrol station
  • via the internet
  • in some toilets through vending machines
  • some youth centres.

Remember - it might be embarrassing discussing contraception with your doctor or buying condoms from a chemist, but it will save you a lot of hassle in the long run. Your doctor and chemist deal with this sort of stuff all the time so don't freak out about it.