Contraception myths

The following methods DON’T work to prevent pregnancy and STIs:

  • Douching – squirting water or any other fluids into the vagina after sex
  • Jumping up and down after sex
  • Having a hot bath after sex
  • Going to the toilet after sex
  • Withdrawing (pulling out) before ejaculating (cumming)
  • Having unprotected sex on your period
  • Smoking menthol cigarettes
  • Using cling wrap instead of condoms

And DON’T believe anyone who tells you the following:

  • You can tell by looking if someone has a STI
  • Sperm can only reach the vagina through intercourse
  • If a girl goes to the loo after sex, she won’t get pregnant

Don’t fool yourself – the only way to protect yourself against an unplanned pregnancy and STIs is to wear a condom.