Cool or Fool?

Think you have all the answers on everything there is to know about sex? Take this quiz and see how you rate...


1. You won't get pregnant if you have sex standing up



2. Kissing is no fun unless it leads to sex



3. Girls are born with a lifetime supply of eggs in their ovaries



4. You can't get pregnant during your period



5. 'Safer sex' means checking the bedroom door is locked so your parents don't come in....



6. Your girlfriend or boyfriend will leave you if you don't have sex with them



7. You can use 'emergency contraception' up to 3 days after sex if you forgot to use a condom



8. After sex, sperm lie in wait in the fallopian tube, waiting to ambush the egg and fertilise it



9. Boys will have wet dreams if they don't have a girlfriend



10. Girls can't go on the pill unless they are 16