This Month's Questions

I'm an 18 yr old girl & I have been sexually active since I was 15. I have taken the morning after pill a few times. My friend told me that if u take it at least 3 times there's a 90% chance that I won't b able 2 have children. Is this true? I want to go on the pill but I have a hormone imbalance and don't know how the pill will affect that.... I haven't consulted a Dr because I had a really good that I was confident in but he moved out of my area. Now I am afraid that anyone else won't be as efficient....

Taking the morning after pill (emergency contraception) has no affect on your future fertility. There has been no data to suggest that taking emergency contraception more than once will affect your future fertility. There also is no limit to the amount of times that you can take the morning after pill, however the only thing that may prevent you having children after having unprotected sex is due to contracting an STI such as Chlamydia that can cause infertility. It is always important to practice safer sex and the best protection is using both barrier and hormonal methods such as the condom (barrier) and the pill (hormonal) which will protect you from both unplanned pregnancies and contracting an STI. For more information on emergency contraception click here.

With regards to taking the oral contraceptive pill and issues with your hormone imbalance, the pill usually levels out any hormone imbalances that you may have as it is providing you with a constant dose of hormones. It may be a good idea for you to discuss this with your GP or local family planning clinic further.

Sometimes it can be difficult in finding a GP that you can trust and feel confident in discussing all your sexual health concerns, however a good way to find out is to ask your friends or relatives that live close by and ask if they have any recommendations about any particular Drs that they have had past success with.

I’m a 12 year old girl and I just recently started masturbating and it felt ok - I didn’t get an orgasm and nothing really happened. Is 12 too young to start?

It is not really an issue about how old you are – it is more the case of whether or not you are ready to start exploring your sexuality. When you are ready, it is just a matter of doing what feels right for you. Don’t put any stress or pressure on your self or have expectations about how you should be feeling. You really need to be in the right frame of mind and be in the right environment and in the right mood for arousal - don’t just do it for the sake of it.

In fact many girls that report that they have never had an orgasm have in fact but they just didn’t know it was an actual orgasm. It is all about doing whatever feels good to you and that is all that matters. If you find that what you are doing is pleasurable then keep it up.

Well I am 12 and I have missed out on 2 of my periods and I know that I’m not pregnant because I have never even had sex or kissed a guy. I am nervous about talking to my parents about this and you are my last hope, I also have stretch marks on my boobs and one is bigger than the other I was just wondering if this was all natural.

It is quite normal for your periods to be irregular when you are young. This is also dependant on when you first got your period and other factors, if you have had regular periods for the last couple of years and have now suddenly missed your last 2 then this could be due to stress or an imbalance in your hormones. It would be a good idea to visit your GP who may take a simple blood test to see whether or not your hormones are balanced. At 12 though, it may just be a case of your body falling into its own natural cycle.

With regards to your breasts, it is definitely normal for one to be bigger than the other – it may not appear that way but it is quite rare for 2 breasts to be the exact size and shape. It is also normal to have stretch marks and these often happen when you are going through puberty as you are growing at a fast rate. There are a number of creams on the market that can assist with diminishing or removing stretch marks which can be quite useful if these bother you. These creams are available at most chemists.