Marie Stopes International
For details of centres in Australia, contraception, STI check-ups and abortion help & advice.
TOLL FREE 1800 003 707

Love Bugs
Designed to answer all of your questions sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and infections of the reproductive systems their possible symptoms and ways you can treat them.

Got a question about sex? sextxt™ gives you accurate answers when you need them... all in the time it takes to send and receive a text message. And just to make sure you get all the facts you need, the sextxt™ website includes additional info on sex and sexual health.

Contraception info
Designed to introduce you to the different contraceptive methods available and to help you reach an informed decision about your options.

'myD’ (my diabetes) is a site that has been developed specifically for people aged 16 to 25 years living with diabetes.
The site provides general information on living with diabetes and covers ‘everyday’ topics like school, work, travel, driving and general health. The site also provides information and links to other sites of interest, places to go for more information, and there is a section for you to tell your story and talk about how you live with diabetes, here and now.

Children By Choice

Information and counselling on all unplanned pregnancy options – abortion, adoption and parenting.
What to know more than the bird and the bees?-youth section. Sex ed workshops for young people in South-east Queensland.

Phone: 07 3357 5377 (within Brisbane) 1800 177 725 (state-wide)


Your Sex Health
A great website about reproductive and sexual health which delivers expert information on emotional, practical and relationship issues and explores real-life dilemmas in True Stories.

Clued Up!
A great website which has heaps of useful information on Chlamydia - get clued up on chlamydia today!

Kids Help Line
24 hour telephone and online counseling service for children and young people in Australia.
FREE CALL 1800 551 800

24 hour telephone counselling and information service for anyone, at anytime and from anywhere in Australia for just the cost of a local call. Lifeline also works to help prevent suicide. Call 131 114

Student Edge
Australia's largest online school community - with heaps of awesome info for students and a really cool site to visit.

Whats the Rush
What's the Rush is a drug and alcohol website for Australian teenagers. The website contains detailed, factual drug and alcohol information as well as talking about the risks and effects, safety and health information.

Health INsite
An Australian government health site with reliable info and many great links.

Where’s Your Head At
Find out the fact about drugs and alcohol and meet a stack of young people who are clear-headed and clear of illegal drugs. Also included is a list of information and support servicesif you want to find out about drugs and alcohol or if you or a friend are looking for help and support.

A website dedicated to informing you about tobacco and its use in Australia. The information on OxyGen allows you to explore all the facts about smoking and the tobacco industry.

Vibe Wire
National online teenage community site, providing a forum for young people to interact online and express themselves.

Beyond Blue
A website devoted to increasing awareness and understanding of depression in the community.

Bean Bag
Youth website providing up-to-date information on youth based centres throughout Australia. The Bean Bag project also addresses Internet access and local content issues for young people living in urban locations throughout Australia.

An interactive website for young people that provides information on health, drugs, relationships and legal issues. Operated by the Australian Drug Foundation.

Reach Out
Reach Out is a place online that helps you sort stuff out and find out how others get through tough times including family issues, alcohol and drugs, eating disorders and managing independence.

Here For Life
Providing resources, education and school based life skill programs to help prevent suicide amongst young people.
Melbourne: 03 8330 7333

Sexual Health and Family Planning Australia
A website that provides interesting sexual health information, including fact sheets that can be downloaded.

A website providing a whole bunch of information about legal rights for people under 18.

The Source
The website is a gateway to youth information, programmes, services, resources and entertainment for young people between the ages of 12 and 25.

AIDS, Hepatitis & Sexual Health Line Inc
Anonymous phone counselling and education programs about HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, sexually transmitted infections and sexual health.
AIDSLINE counselling service: FREE CALL 1800 133 392
Hepatitis Line: FREE CALL 1800 800 241
Vietnamese Infoline on Hepatitis C: FREE CALL 1800 456 007
Cambodian Infoline on hepatitis C: FREE CALL 1800 810 277

A website where you can read the diaries of four fictional teenagers touched by mental illness. It also has useful fact sheets and provides an online information and referral service on mental illness including schizophrenia, depression and anxiety disorders.
SANE Helpline:1800 187 263 Monday to Friday 9:00am-5:00pm

A website where gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender youth have the freedom to exchange ideas, share experiences, discuss coming out, make friends, read interesting content and most importantly: reduce isolation and depression by making contact.

It’s My Body
A site designed for girls on everything you ever wanted to know about periods & puberty, but didn't want to ask! brings you all the up-to-date information on female issues, featuring entertainment, competitions, fashion & beauty and issues which face today's youth.

Counselling Online Counselling Online is a website where you can communicate with a "live" professional counsellor about an alcohol or drug related concern. This service is for anyone seeking help about their own drug use or the drug use of a family member, relative or friend.The service is free and available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, across Australia.