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CAITLIN STASEY, Actress - Neighbours

Caitlin Stasey is 19 years old, lives in Melbourne and is best known for her role as Rachel Kinski in Neighbours.

Caitlin also appeared as Francesca Thomas in The Sleepover Club.

In 2000, as part of the Australian Girls Choir, Caitlin travelled the world singing "I Still Call Australia Home" for the famous Qantas commercial.

And if that is not enough, she’s brainy too! Caitlin appeared in the Channel 10 special, Australia's Brainiest Neighbour, and came second overall.

Caitlin began taking an interest in acting/performing when she was six years of age. In her spare time when she isn’t busy completing Year 10, she enjoys shopping and surfing.

Read what Caitlin says about the likeitis site below…..

"Got questions about sex, guys, girls or relationships that you are just way too embarrassed to ask? www.likeitis.org.au contains a whole heap of info on all this and more. And the best bit about it is that you'll get the answers you need in a straight, down the line, no-nonsense way. The site also features articles from your fave mags and is constantly updated with fresh news and goss."

10 Qs with Caitlin

    1. What do enjoy most about being on Neighbours? - I love the fact that I’m learning, working and growing all in the one environment, you rarely find that in a work place.
    2. What do you get up to when you are not on set? - I spend a lot of time painting and listening to good music, a great deal of my time is spent doing school work but I’m doing subjects that I really enjoy.
    3. Do you get much of a chance to catch up with your friends? - Although I rarely have much time off work I try to see my friends from school as often as possible, they keep me grounded and allow for me to act like a 16 year old again.
    4. What item can’t you live without? - My mobile phone and wallet, it sounds so typical but they are sadly the most familiar things in my life currently! I feel lost without either of them, and my guitar keeps me sane!
    5. What are you currently listening to on your Ipod? - I have a lot of old school music on my Ipod like Joni Mitchell, the Beatles & frank Sinatra but recently I’ve fallen in love with a band called Sigur Ross who sing in their own language! I also love jack Johnson, Ben Harper, the beautiful girls and Sarah Blasko. Australian music right now is gold.
    6. What are you currently reading? - I’m trying to make my way through Anthony Burgess’ A Clockwork Orange. But It’s proving a little more complicated than I had anticipated!
    7. Favourite Film? - Almost famous- I just love the scene where they all start singing tiny dancer
    8. Favourite food? - Mango Weis bars and sesame bars… and cookies!
    9. What do you do for fun? - I spend time with people who make me laugh, I paint, design, play guitar, surf (badly) and play with my puppies mambo & roxy
    10. Where do you want to be in 10 years? - Happy and fulfilled!

Jess Miley-Dyer, Pro-Surfer

Jess Miley Dyer is one of the hottest young female surfers on the planet who, at only 20 years of age, is making the surfing world stand up and take notice with a string of impressive results. Congratulations to Jess on winning the Billabong Pro Maui 2006!

Read what Jess says about the Likeitis site below.....

"When you are a teenager there are stacks of questions that need answers. That's why www.likeitis.org.au is such a great site. It gives you all the straightforward info you need on topics like sex, puberty and peer pressure - minus the awkward moments! The site even includes a What's On page, listing heaps of cool events on all around Australia. So get clued up and have a surf around the site today."

To celebrate our Win a Surfboard Competition, our likeitis youth sleuths Anna and Kath caught up with Jess and talked about everything from fashion to sexual health and surfing!

Q. Sorry to take you away from your wetsuit.

JMD: That’s OK! Fashion is a good excuse to get out of the water and talking about the likeitis website is too :)

Q. First tell us about likeitis and your involvement with the site then we can talk fashion later!

JMD:likeitis is a youth sex education website that delivers factual and unbiased information on sex, bullying, puberty and other embarrassing teenage stuff! It’s great ‘cause it uses language that kids can understand and relate to. I love the games (check out the Love Bugs Battle) which are not only fun, but they also teach you about the scary STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections) that you can catch if you don’t practice safe sex.

Q. How do you feel your involvement as likeitis ambassador impacts on young Australians?

JMD: Too many people are embarrassed to talk about their sexual health and I guess if I show them that I’m prepared to speak about it then maybe they will too. There’s a load of information out there that isn’t exactly true and it’s important that girls and guys have enough accurate info to make informed choices about their sexual health.

Q. Ok from sex to surfing, where are you now on the ASP Women’s World Tour? Last we heard you were catching waves in Spain.

JMD: In October I was in Sydney for the Manly leg of the tour, then I was in Peru and I’m currently surfing my way through the final leg of the tour in Hawaii.

Q. Sounds like a great lifestyle -surf, sun and travel.

JMD: And shopping of course!

Q. Hard life. So what does a surfer chick wear when she’s not surfing?

JMD: When I'm not in the water, I’m more of a casual kind of girl. I’ve got a million shorts skirts and tees but I do like dressing up occasionally.

Q. Jess good luck with the remaining leg of the tour. Any final last words?

JMD: Check out www.likeitis.org.au and don’t forget the only way to protect yourself against STIs is to wear a condom.

Q. We’ve taught you well!

JMD: Thanks!

10 Qs with Jess

    1. How did you feel when you knew that you had won the Billabong Pro Maui? -I was so stoked! With 30 seconds remaining Keala Kenneally, who was in the final with me, got one of the best waves of the heat and pulled into the tube. I was watching her and it looked like she was going to get the score and beat me, then she fell. I went from almost crying, to absolute relief and happiness……I’ve never been so happy that someone fell off their surfboard before ha ha. My friends carried me up the path from the beach, it was unreal!
    2. What have you been up to since you have been back? - Ive just been cruising at home and catching up with friends, and doing little things here and there for my sponsors. It’s been really nice to have a break because the last 5 weeks in Hawaii were really draining. I also moved out of home with a friend from high school which has been really exciting too!
    3. Did you get much of a chance to celebrate? -Kind of, on the last night of the contest there is always a party, and being the last event of the year it was also a party for the word title winner, so we were always going to celebrate something! We had a party in the Ritz Hotel where some of the girls were staying, then moved to this sushi restaurant which we had booked out and had to ourselves, and stayed there until it closed.It was awesome!
    4. What item can’t you live without when you’re on tour? -My friends and my mobile phone. Without all my mates to hang around with on tour, and to be able to keep in touch when I am overseas with all my Sydney friends, I would probably go mad!
    5. What are you currently listening to on your Ipod? -I love the worst music. I recently downloaded the Ne-Yo album, and the Scissor Sisters and Jesse McCartneys new cds so ive been listening to them a lot.
    6. What are you currently reading? - Sylvia by Bryce Courtenay, its his new one.
    7. Favourite film? - It’s really sad to admit this, but the Little Mermaid is probably the best movie ever made. I grew up watching it over and over again, and I definitely wanted to be Ariel……and still kind of do!
    8. Favourite Food? - Sushi!
    9. What do you get up to when you’re on tour in your down time? - Not a lot actually, because you’re always trying to conserve your energy for the days when you are going to be competing. I read a bit, and just cruise and surf, listening to music. My friend and I experimented with making our own songs on garage band when we were in Hawaii too, that was pretty fun, although our songs we made were terrible!
    10. Where do you want to be in 10 years? -Hopefully doing what I love doing still, and still having fun doing it, and doing well in contests. I don’t know……10 years is like half of my current lifespan, who knows what I will be doing!