Boy's bits

  1. Foreskin:The skin that covers the penis (and folded over the glans) is known as the foreskin. Some boys have this skin removed for religious or health reasons during childhood.
  2. Penis:This is a shaft shaped organ that hangs outside your body, with a section inside the body.
  3. Urethra:This runs from the bladder to the end of the penis and carries both semen (the fluid that contains the sperm) and urine.
  4. Vas Deferens:The job of these tubes is to carry sperm to the urethra prior to ejaculation.
  5. Testicles (also known as balls):These are two small glands found below the penis, which produce millions of sperm every day (each testicle produces 1000 sperm per second - together that works out at about 172 million sperm a day).
  6. Scrotum:This pouch of skin contains the testicles. During puberty the scrotum becomes baggy, enabling the testes to hang away from the body, thereby keeping the temperature down and allowing sperm to be produced.
  7. Bladder:This organ stores urine, which is the liquid waste product of the body.
  8. Seminiferous gland:This gland produces the bulk of the fluid that carries the sperm along.