Girl's bits

  1. Ovaries:These are two tiny organs (about the size of a baked bean) that lie on either end of the fallopian tubes. Their job is to hold the thousands of unripe eggs every girl is born with. The ovaries release one egg a month.
  2. Fallopian tubes:These two tubes connect the ovaries to the womb. It is through these tubes that an egg travels on its way to the womb.
  3. Uterus:Also known as the womb. This is an upside down pear shaped organ, where a foetus grows during pregnancy. If conception does not occur, the uterus sheds its lining during menstruation (a period).
  4. Cervix:Also known as the mouth of the womb (uterus). It opens into the top of the vagina.
  5. Labia:The folds of the external part of the female genitals. Labia minorum are the two lips of skin on either side of the entrance to the vagina. Labia majorum are the two outer folds of skin.
  6. Clitoris:Small pea-shaped bit, situated near where you urinate - very sensitive during sex.
  7. Urethra:The tube that urine passes through out of the body.
  8. Vagina:The passage leading from the womb to the outside of your body.
  9. Perineum:The region of skin between the anus and the genitals.
  10. Anus:The end of the digestive tract, where the solid waste (or poo!) leaves the bowel.

Click here to see a cool moving diagram, showing the monthly journey an egg makes from the ovaries to the uterus....