First time for girls

Before you have sex for the first time make sure your contraception is sorted so you won't have to worry about getting pregnant or getting an STI. Using ‘dual protection’ - the Pill and a condom are probably your best bet. This combo gives you added protection from unwanted pregnancies and STIs.

Sex probably won’t be prefect the first time so don’t be dissapointed! Only go for it when you feel ready and make sure he wears a condom.

Take it slowly; kiss and cuddle your partner and get him stroke you before going inside. Boys often orgasm more quickly than girls so get a head start by getting aroused.

When you are ready and your vagina feels very wet, hold his erect penis and guide him towards your vagina. Get him to go in very slowly and move gently until you both feel comfortable. You may bleed a little if your hymen is intact but it won't always hurt.

Sex for girls can sometimes feel pretty average because it doesn't always stimulate the clitoris. Ask him to also touch you or touch yourself. Being open with your partner and talking to each other will make the whole experience better.