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Inspiring, down-to-earth, aware and they care!

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| Erin Rose Young | Sarah Moore | Sophie Harvey |

likeitis is always in search of inspiring young Australians who will act as ambassadors to the website and make an influence on young people’s attitudes towards their mind, body and soul. In the past, we have had two celebrity ambassadors, actress Caitlin Stasey (ex-Neighbours star) and champion women’s surfer, Jessi Miley-Dyer: two inspirational young women that young people look up to. Read more about our likeitis Ambassadors.

We all know the mantra of the Likeitis website is to keep things real and exactly ‘like it is’. That is why we are putting it out to you, fans and users of the site, to choose a real, every day person to be ambassador of the likeitis website, someone exactly like you.