How does pregnancy happen?

Pregnancy (conception) occurs when a sperm fertilises an egg by joining with it during sex. This can happen when two people have sex and do not use contraception.

A fertilised egg will then move down into a girl's uterus and implant itself into the womb (uterus) lining where it will begin to grow.

Pregnancy can happen even if the penis is pulled out before ejaculation (‘cumming’) as the small amount of semen in pre-ejaculation fluid can come into contact with the vagina.

How can I prevent pregnancy?

If you have sexual intercourse and don’t want to become pregnant then you need to use a form of contraception. A range of options are available to you. Check out the Contraception page for more info.

It is important to remember that while the contraception may protect you against pregnancy, only condoms can prevent pregnancy and protect you against HIV and other STIs.