Talking it over

If the pregnancy is unplanned you may be feeling confused, shocked, and scared, but try not to let this stop you from seeking help. It is important to face what is happening and seek advice as soon as possible, so all options are open to you.

You don’t have to make this difficult decision alone – other people can help you make a decision by explaining your choices. You could talk it over with your boyfriend or your mum or dad, but if you don’t feel you can talk to them, you could also speak to:

  • an older sister or brother
  • your friends
  • a teacher
  • a doctor
  • a social worker
  • a counsellor
  • a school counsellor
  • someone at your Marie Stopes International centre or family planning clinic
  • one of the organisations listed in the Help & Advice section.

It is also important to make the right decision for you, and this might not always be the decision your boyfriend or family would make. Information and support is available from many organisations, but make sure you find out about the organisation before you approach them as some organisations have strong beliefs which you may not share.

Ignoring an unwanted pregnancy won’t make it go away, so seek help as soon as possible. In the end you must decide what YOU want to do.

To read about the choices available to you, check out the Your options page.